Tuesday, March 07, 2006

[BETA] MOD Troll

I found this mod from phpBB.com today...
It's a great mod so I decide to post here and php-tw

This MOD is a simple way to give a troll the impression the forum is buggy and not worth posting to.
It does this by
1. Introducing delays
2. Randomly choosing error messages or giving the appearance of success
3. Crashing your browser, sending you to the index page etc.

It combines the Miserable User Mod, with extra features, and a cookie systtem.
1. Login (only works 25% of the time)
2. Posting (no post is ever saved, but 25% of the time it will APPEAR to work)
3. Private messaging (no PM is ever sent, again 25% of the time it will look like it has worked)
4. Email (no email is ever sent, same as PM and posting)

Cookie system

A troll who logs in will get a cookie.
If there is a cookie, that person is a troll, whether that person is logged in or not.
If the cookie no longer matches the database (i.e. the admin has re-set the troll flag) the cookie is removed.

1. * A troll who is just browsing as guest, is still treated as a troll
2. * A troll who comes to your house and uses your computer to log in, will set the cookie, so the next time it will look like he messed up your computer
3. * A troll who has made a new account will still be seen as troll based on the cookie of the old account
4. * The ADMIN can un-set the troll flag to remove cookies when the ex-troll (or misfortunate friend) visits the board.
5. They do not need to log in for the cookie to be removed, a visit is enough.
6. The only way to get round the system, is to remove cookies, and make a new account and behave (to prevent the ADMIN from setting the new account to troll).

Update existing memeber's date format

It was a question from phpbb.com
A memeber was asking for help: how to update all the existing memebers' date setting?

We all know the fact that through Admin Panel, we can set up a default date fomrat for all the users, but for those who has regested before the change, have to change the date format by themselves....

Here's the solution......


UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_dateformat='your date format';

Here, the "your date format" require you to edit and to change before you enter "sql"
the formate can change such:

UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_dateformat='D M d, Y g:i a'

MySQL 5.0 Support

We have received a number of queries recently regarding whether phpBB 2.0.x will run on MySQL 5.0.x.

I'm glad to report that it will install and run, although there are some minor issues on some particular distributions of MySQL (primarily the Windows build) which may require a minor change to allow installation.

If you are already running phpBB and wish to migrate to MySQL 5, there should be no issues, providing that PHP on your server is configured to install it. If you are performing a new install on MySQL 5, you should make the following change before you start the install.

bbcode_uid char(10) NOT NULL,

bbcode_uid char(10) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,

You should then install normally and select the MySQL 4 option from the installation script.

Post from:

Welcome to my Blog on phpBB

Welcome all you guys coming to my blog on phpBB

I anticpating more people will come to my blog and join our phpBB-in-communication.....

I have been in phpbb-tw.net for 5 months, and I've learned many new things about computer, and program...

I ain't great enough to come out with a mod, but so far, I can expect to see my add-on in development of a mod

So far, I have just set up my phpBB on q168.net

I hope I will run my phpBB very soon, maybe April, soon....

The blog itself is to record new things, news, and achivement on phpBB.....